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Charms Booster Club Board

Donna Wallace, President

Valerie Henry, Vice President Parent Involvement

Kelly Stewart, Vice President Fundraising

Rosie Johnson, Vice President Communications

Karen Kochheiser, Treasurer

Sharon Barter, Treasurer-Elect

Tracy Schultz, Secretary

Ashton Kidd, Charms Director

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Overview of Booster Club

The Champion Charms Booster Club provides support and encouragement to the Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School Dance and Drill Teams, director, managers, and trainers. Our goal is to provide resources that will help build the best dance program possible, and for each Charm to reach her full potential.

Through a variety of fundraising activities, the Booster club is able to support the team financially by helping to defray the costs of contest fees, travel expenses, props, and more.  The Boosters also recognize the achievements of the members of the team by offering grants to graduating seniors. We rely on the support and participation of all Charms’ parents. Our volunteers participate in fundraising activities, chaperone, chair committees, and work together so that our MA Competition, Spring Show and our year end banquet are successful.

Meetings are held throughout the year and include important new information presented by Coach Kidd. All parents are urged to attend.

To our Charms’ parents: You are our Booster Club members! We need your time, talents  and your willingness to serve to be able to give back everything we can to the team that your daughter is a part of.

Thank you so much for your help throughout  the year. 
​You will find wonderful friends here!

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